Analog Devices Electronic Engineering Co-op Opportunities

Analog Devices (ADI) is offering:

  • hiring students from the Undergraduate (Bc) and preferably the Masters (Ing) study programmes,
  • for 12 month placements with Analog Devices in Limerick or Cork, Ireland, but it could be for shorter time, for 6+ months,
  • flexibility with regards to the start date - could be June, July, August or September start date,
  • covering the cost of your flights (one flight arriving in Ireland and one flight leaving Ireland),
  • covering a relocation package of 2+ weeks in a hotel whilst you find more permanent accommodation,
  • 20,800 euros gross salary for 12 months.

Consider your knowledge and experience and do not hesitate to apply, because FEEC BUT students are in high demand with ADI Hiring Managers due to their high standard of work.

You can easily apply by sending your motivation letter and CV to  e-mail: and he´ll manage everything with Analog Devices. Then they will call you directly for interviewing.

For more information, please contact Prof. Radimir Vrba by e-mail:, or tel. number: 603885940.