A Self- Compensating System for Fixed Pattern Noise Reduction of Focal Plane Arrays of Infrared Bolometer Detectors

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This paper describes a self-compensating system for fixed pattern noise reduction (FPNR) of focal plane arrays (FPA) of infrared (IR) bolometer detectors. The proposed system used a ΔΣ modulator of first order which operates as non-saturating current integrator. The method also suppressed the self-heating effect as well as the effect of resistance non-uniformity across the FPA. The read-out circuit (ROIC) was designed in ONSemi I2T100 technology considering the matching and noise effects and fabricated using EUROPRACTICE service. Its verification was made on the test printed circuit board (PCB) with the variable resistors. These resistors were changed to emulate the real bolometer behavior due to IR radiation.

Klíčová slova
read-out integrated circuit
ΔΣ modulator
IR imaging