About the department

The Present ...

Currently, the Department of Microelectronics teaches several tens of courses within all study cycles. The most significant topics include electronic components, analog and digital circuits in terms of their characterization and design, modeling and simulation, and microelectronic assembly technologies. The teaching procedures are conducted by experienced junior and senior specialists, and these enjoy the full support of young, dynamic doctoral students.

The department pursues a wide range of science and research problems, such as integrated circuit engineering, packaging concepts and technologies, sensorics (MEMS, NEMS), and sensor applications utilizing nanotechnologies. We design and develop electronic circuits and systems, including the programming of microcontrollers and their use in control, communication, and data processing; the target areas comprise, for example, Smart Home, Smart City, and Industry 4.0. Other major activities involve specialized investigation in electronic circuits for the space industry, refinement of wireless technologies, and data transmission and routes in optoelectronics.

The year of 2020 marks the department’s 40th anniversary, and we are proud to enjoy this milestone in the offices and laboratories at a state-of-the-art, generously equipped building of the FEEC, adjacent to Brno’s Technology Park. In full accord with the encouraging environment, our expertise and material platforms allow us to deliver high-quality education and to achieve superior science and research results, all of these being the assets that rank the department among the Faculty’s top R&D scorers.

Did you know that …

the department is the Faculty’ only unit which not only designs chips but also has them manufactured?
the science and research results are among the best outcomes at the Faculty?
we execute top-line projects for the European Space Agency?
history has seen the department’s head offices move house ten times?

... and the Past

The original Department of Microelectronics was formed in 1980, occupying a portion of the buildings where the University’s Rector’s office is presently located. Interestingly, the founders included some of the department's current, long-time professors, such as Jaromír Brzobohatý, Vladislav Musil, and Radimír Vrba. Since the very beginning, emphasis has been put on instruction and practicals in electronic components and the design of electronic instruments and devices. Given the ever-expanding applications of microelectronics, the teaching staff enlarged gradually, together with the set of courses taught and research pursued. Throughout the time, the department’s experts gained wider insight into microcontrollers, optoelectronics, sensors, and – especially after the year 2000 – integrated circuit engineering.