Main R&D areas

Main R&D areas

Our department contributes to numerous research projects by designing integrated circuits, refining suitable encapsulation techniques, and applying MEMS/NEMS sensors via different approaches. We design and develop electronic circuits and systems, focusing also on the programming of microcontrollers and their use in data management, communication, and processing. Based on special orders, we fabricate electronic circuits for the space industry. Our other research interests are within wireless technologies and optoelectronics, data transmission and transmission routes in particular. The specialized tasks are all resolved by the department’s expert groups.

Integrated Circuits and Special Electronic Systems

The group investigates the design options in sensor signal processing chips, especially where pressure-, bio-, and chemosensors are at play. Another research area covers various types of A/D and D/A converters (or their parts), such as reference sources, samplers, and filters. Our researchers also develop special systems for space applications, from the initial stages to the final implementation at the customer's premises.

Microelectronic Technologies and Packaging

The research is centered on modern hardware technologies related to circuit miniaturization (lead-free soldering), semiconductor chip contacting and encapsulation (by using, for example, BGA, MCM, SoP, and BoB), and PCB cleaning. Regarding the last mentioned activity, we also participate in refining eco-friendly cleaning devices. Generally, our development efforts cover a wide range of applications, such as thermodynamic sensors, multi-layer structures with nested passive components, and new deposition methods.

Embedded systems & Microcomputer and Microcontroller Programming

The primary focus is divided between the development of measuring and monitoring systems for experiment management and the designing of monitoring systems for composite materials.  In addition, we investigate building automation and telemetry, intelligent monitoring, and explicit personal identification. Our final customers receive turnkey systems tailored to requirements and completed with all the necessary software.

Sensors and Nanotechnologies

The research group explores the use of nanotechnologies in sensors for different quantities. We develop micro- and nanosystems for sensory applications (MEMS, NEMS) and electronics. Another research focus has been on modern methods for the diagnostics and analysis of substances based on bioprobes, biosensors and the lab-on-chip technology, which can be utilized in the medical industry.