Why Study with Us?

Why Study with Us?

Microelectronics (nanoelectronics) is a technical field that has traditionally permeated all areas of human activity and is now developing faster than ever. Without microelectronics, there would be no computers, TVs, cell phones, or any other modern electronic devices.

Why is that so? The reason rests in that all these modern inventions, be it a cell phone, computer, radio, car or a spaceship, comprise many parts. The most important of these are tiny components called chips, which bring the device to life. In Czech, the chips are sometimes nicknamed “cockroaches” on account of their insect-like appearance: lots of tiny “legs” sticking out of a little black body. And it is precisely these “cockroaches” that are the heart and brain of an electronic device. The chips measure, calculate, control, and communicate with all the other components of, say, an iPhone.

Did you know…?

The latest Intel processors are produced by using the 10 nm technology.
The smallest “house” in the world measures no more than 300x300 μm.
Some of the 3D chips in SSDs have over 140 layers.
There are smart keys that control your access to buildings.

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