Analog Circuits and Microelectronics Laboratory

This training hub teaches analog electronic circuits, microelectronic technologies, and AD/DA converters. A portion of the space has been allocated to the students’ individual projects, such as the development and mounting of components within Bachelor’s and Master’s theses or in-semester assignments.

Main activities

  • Teaching:
  • analog electronic circuits
  • AD/DA conversion
  • microelectronics, with a focus on mounting, assembling, and disassembling components (SMDs and others).

Laboratory equipment

  • Oscilloscope Rigol MSO1074Z,
  • Signal generator Agilent 33210A,
  • Stabilized power supply unit Diametral L240R51D,
  • Digital multimeter Keysight 34461A,
  • Soldering station Pace ST50 a ST350,
  • Soldering station Sunko 850 DU,
  • Repair soldering station JBC RMSE-2D,
  • PCs and software to simulate electronic circuits.
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