Optical pressure sensors for harsh environment

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This paper deals with the design, manufacturing, and evaluation of a new optical pressure sensor produced by using Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic technology. This optical sensor is designed for the applications with harsh operating conditions. The sensor has to withstand temperatures up to 300 °C and work in chemically aggressive environment. The paper gives a brief overview of the benefits and problems related to the optical measurement methods suitable for pressure sensor interrogation. Optical spectrum change based measurement method was chosen for the best sensor performance. Pressure transducer presented in this paper is based on the interrogation of the light spectra reflected from the Fabry-Pérot optical cavity. The sensors were designed for various pressure ranges, samples were manufactured, measured and tested. A selected optical method for enhancing the temperature compensation and measurement accuracy is discussed.

Pressure sensor
Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics
Optical fiber
Fiber Bragg Grating
Optical resonator