Laboratory of Microelectronic Technologies: LabMT2

The main focus of the laboratory is the creation of thick-layer applications and hybrid integrated circuits, and the reflow soldering technology. The equipment of the laboratory allows the deposition of polymer, cermet and resinate thick layers and their firing/curing; the layers can then be fitted with electronic components and tested for functionality. Several reflow soldering devices are available that can be used to create and repair PCBs and hybrid integrated circuits.

Main activities

  • Design, installation, soldering and repair of complex units such as PCBs, connectors and special applications
  • Chip encapsulation
  • Design and production of hybrid integrated circuits, including all the relevant technology
  • Thick-layer deposition on ceramic and glass substrates, including the use of SMD technology (thick layers: resistive pastes 1Ω to 1MΩ, conductive and insulating Au, Pt and polymer pastes)
  • Printing of viscous materials such as thick film pastes and adhesives with a resolution of up to 75 μm and a minimum applied volume of 1nl
  • Strength tests of soldered and contacted joints (pull and shear test)
  • Metal coating of orifices with a ø up to 0.2 mm in ceramics and glass
  • Solving general, practice-related technological problems
  • Designing sensor applications to monitor thermodynamic systems, and performing related tasks (such as process monitoring)

Laboratory equipment

  • Inline furnace (BTU) for thick-layer processes; max temp. 950 °C +/-2 °C
  • Sintering furnace; max temp. 1,700 °C
  • Aurel C880 semi-automatic screen printer
  • Dage PC 2400 bond & wire tester to check the tensile and shear strengths in microwires and soldered joints
  • Aurel ALS300L laser trimmer with 1,060 nm Nd/Yag laser and power of 10 – 25 W
  • Essemtec RO300FC/-C full convection reflow oven
  • Fritsch-designed Martin BGA package rework station
  • Ersa IR400 station to allow low-cost BGA/SMR reworking
  • Asscon Systemtechnik Quicky 300 vapor phase soldering machine
  • Ersascope 2 optical inspection system to assess BGA, Flip Chip, and SMT joints
  • Lynx 3D digital record microscope
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